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your life + your money
This phrase      your life + your money     in our logo tells you that this firm is different.

“People’s lives come first, and then their money,” says principal John Deyeso.  “If you hire an advisor who does not handle your money in a way that is consistent with your beliefs and values, you are short changing your definition of success.”
This overriding vision inspires John daily in everything he does, and attracts to him clients who feel the same.
financial filosophy was founded by John Deyeso as the culmination of years of his putting together his vision of success as a clearly attainable goal for all people with the tools with which to do it.  At the same time, John knew – from his experiences and research, from conversations with experts and great thinkers and from on-going discussions with his mentors that, “Success focused solely on money is never as satisfying as success focused on finding and living your life’s purpose.”
At financial filosophy, our mission is to assist people in using money to create the freedom for them to do what they are inspired to do – and to provide financial advice consistent with their values and beliefs.  We design and implement financial plans that provide the funds needed so people can find their purpose and fulfill their dreams.

"Success focused solely on money is never as satisfying as success focused on finding and living your life’s purpose."


 F. John Deyeso III, CFA, CFP® 

As the son of two Texas attorneys, John showed an early interest in studying finance and its influence on lives and the achievement of dreams.  He graduated Cum Laude in Economics with an emphasis in International Business from Austin College.

His work experience ranges from analyst work at a financial software firm specializing in trading systems for institutional clients,  to working in London, Turkey, Sweden and Amsterdam and with major banks and brokerage houses all over the world. 

As part of his commitment to applying his knowledge for the benefit of individuals, John is designated a Certified Financial Planner(TM) and a Chartered Financial Analyst.


Enrolled in the Masters program for Personal Financial Planning from the College of Financial Planning        



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